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JOLF Coaching

JOLF Coaching

“We aim to provide an engaging and appropriate experience to each child, every time”

Children love JOLF coaching because they…

  • are engaged and happy
  • make friends
  • play golf games
  • develop new skills
  • feel safe and welcome
  • have choices

During coaching sessions children will…

  • play golf immediately on modified golf courses
  • develop the strategies and skills of golf
  • practise important movement and sport skills through energetic movement games
  • evaluate their own progress, plan targets and begin to organise their own learning
  • develop self-confidence and learn how to be cooperative and supportive with other children
  • practise their reasoning skills and are creative when tackling challenges and designing games.

The JOLF Community helps children feel they belong.
Your child will be welcomed and happy in our JOLF cocahing. Our coaches specialise in coaching children and ensure their well-being at all times. Children’s parents and family members are very welcome to join in and talk to the coach at any time.

Where, When & How Much

Coaching sessions take place every weekend at Hollingbury and Waterhall.

Sessions are organised into 10 week terms, Spring, Summer and Autumn and children will be added to groups where we know they will have fun, make friends and get better.

All equipment will be provided during sessions.

Children and families will also be offered opportunities to play and compete on the golf course.

Cost £99.00 – 10 week term

Includes JOLF cap & Journal, all equipment and coaching.