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JOLF Camps

JOLF Camps

“We aim to provide an engaging and appropriate experience to each child, every time”

Children love JOLF Camps because they…

  • are engaged and happy
  • make friends
  • play golf games
  • develop new skills
  • feel safe and welcome
  • have choices

During our JOLF Camps sessions children will…

  • play golf immediately on modified golf courses
  • develop the strategies and skills of golf
  • practise important movement and sport skills through energetic movement games
  • evaluate their own progress, plan targets and begin to organise their own learning
  • develop self-confidence and learn how to be cooperative and supportive with other children
  • practise their reasoning skills and are creative when tackling challenges and designing games.

Where, When & How Much

All JOLF Camps will also include snacks, refreshments, games, challenges and prizes.

They run from 1.00pm – 5.00pm through all school holidays.

Children must come prepared for all weather conditions; much of the day will be spent outside on the practice ground and golf course.


£30.00 (per day)

Each day includes:

4 hours of coaching, games, challenges, on course play, snacks, refreshments, prizes.

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