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Brighton Junior Golf in Schools

Brighton Junior Golf in Schools

An opportunity for schools to offer children the chance to play a sport they may not ordinarily choose to play. Golf is an inclusive game that develops movement skills and allows children to cooperate and collaborate with others.

Breakfast, Lunch and After-School Clubs


These sessions will be held in a school hall, playground and/or school field.

Games and challenges will be set up for children that will allow them to learn the skills of golf controlling the height, distance and direction the ball travels.

Sticker books will be given to each child and stickers will be earned as they develop their skills.

A golden ball will be awarded each session to a child that plays safely, sensibly and fairly as well as demonstrating improving skills.

Curriculum Time Golf Sessions


We believe that golf can add real value to the delivery of classes in schools.

Sessions that we deliver can be adapted to suit the lessons/curriculum being delivered.

Our sessions ask children to work in small groups to find solutions to the problems that the games/challenges ask of them. Golf holds on to its ethical values that the player and their playing partners are the referee and it is always played in a safe, sensible and fair fashion.

Curriculum time sessions will be uniquely planed to fit in with the aims and objectives of the school, class and children.

GolfParc® Experience Days


We will come along to your school and using our superb GolfParc® equipment we will set up a golf course on your playground, school field or hall.

Children will then have the opportunity to play golf in small groups. Once we have established what is safe, sensible and fair behaviour they will be given the equipment and allowed to play and explore the GolfParc®.

So many sports begin with the skills and technique and children are seldom allowed to just play! GolfParc® allows us to give all children (and teachers!) the chance to play a developmentally appropriate version of the game.

Enrichment Days


An opportunity for the school to bring groups of children to the golf course and play golf!

Working with the school we will plan, organise and deliver bespoke days that allow children to experience golf. Children will take part in games and challenges similar to what we offer during our coaching and camp sessions.

We can also provide children with the opportunity to play on a real golf course. Hollingbury, Waterhall and Pyecombe golf courses are set up to allow children to get out and experience the real game.

Enrichment days will be uniquely planed to fit in with the aims and objectives of the school, class and children.